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Maritime Mug – The Nova Scotia Mug


The perfect mug, so I’m told, holds 14-16oz and is shaped to give that morning coffee a little something special. Tea drinkers will enjoy the large size too! Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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50 reviews for Maritime Mug - The Nova Scotia Mug

  1. Joann murphu

    Sure wish I could get mug. It is just so beautiful. I wish we could pre-order them. So popular can’t seem to get one.

  2. Joann murphu

    Sure wish I could get mug. It is just so beautiful. So popular can’t seem to get one.

  3. Bonnie Hansler

    I really want 2 Nova Scotia mugs for my Nova Scotian 91 year old dad! They are always out of stock!! Can I just order them?? Please

  4. Joyce Findlay

    Would love the Maritime Mug .when you have some made .Got one as a gift but the handle broke .Used it everyday .Loved it

  5. Sherry Scott

    I’m wondering if this mug would be available before Xmas. I want to order one for my daughter. I bought one from you as part of the Nova Scotia Strong campaign and she really likes mine. Thank you!

  6. Patricia Taylor

    Is it possible to order 3 of these when they’re available? Thanks

  7. Laura Wood (verified owner)

    I received my beautiful Maritime Mug this afternoon, it is more beautiful in person. Can’t wait for my day off to try it out. This is my third from your collection and each is beautiful and unique.Thanks for sharing your art!

  8. Jenn

    Would like to get some

  9. Nateleen Zinck

    Do you take orders? They’ve never been available when I’ve checked.

  10. Eileen Fry

    I would like to go on the list for one. How to I pay in advance?

  11. Charity Huntley

    After 3 Long years of wanting the NS Mugs, I was Overjoyed to finally get my hands on two! I kept one and gifted one to a friend who is just one of the best humans I know. I enjoy my green tea and coffee so much more than I ever did in any other mug. I am so terrified of breaking it because they are such high demand. Thanks Christine, your craftsmanship is incredible! Having one of your mugs is such a treasure. 💙

  12. Erin (verified owner)

    My new favourite morning mug! It has a wonderful shape and I love drinking from a piece of “home”.

  13. Laurie

    Gee, after 3 years just wish I could get one to give a review on. With shipping to Ontario I am willing to pay the $68 to get one but nope.

  14. Dar

    These are beautiful. I purchased 13 for family members who have moved away, from Newfoundland down to Texas. They were worth the wait.

  15. Petra Goat

    I LOVE the mug. Just wondering if you have any that have the same colour on the inside as the outside.
    In other words, the inside of the cup is also blue?

  16. Corena Duffley

    I would like one when available please

  17. Pam MacDonald

    Perfectly wonderful gifts! I would like to order 8 please.

  18. Sarah Elson

    These mugs are so nice. I would love two of these mugs! A gift for my mom.

  19. Heather Pickford

    Great mug! I need two more please. It’s the perfect mug, my mom has issues with her hands and can’t lift a lot. This mug works perfectly for her.

  20. Lorrie Scott

    I’d like 2 of these please and thank you 🙂

  21. Janice Burgess

    My sister in law has one. It’s nice to hold and drink from. I would like 2 please. I don’t mind waiting! They’re worth the wait

  22. Danielle Fisher

    I love the maritime mug I want to order one pls

  23. Eileen

    Omg so perfect Just received as a “hostess” gift from the wonderful Angie and Bruce Swetnam. Thank you very much❤️👣

  24. Linda

    Would like 4 please

  25. Erin

    Gorgeous! I want 4 please

  26. Sean

    We have 2 mugs and i don’t drink coffee or tea in any other cup. They are the greatest mugs and when we vacation in Nova Scotia this summer we will get more.

  27. Haz Prevett

    Can you ship to Ontario??

  28. Tasha Crossley

    I would love to buy 4 of the Nova Scotia mugs

  29. Jenn Touesnard

    I’m from NS and live in the NWT .
    I have one of these! My favourite mug.a little piece of home 💙
    I would like 3 when they become available again!!

  30. Carla Daye

    I have 2 of these (in the event I break one). This is my favourite mug for the perfect cup of coffee. Now trying to buy 2 more as soon as they are available!

  31. Constance

    I’d like 1 when they become available please!

  32. Julie Robson

    I would like 3 once they become available- thank you

  33. Stacy

    This is my fav mug and I’ve given several as gifts to friends, family and clients who all love it as much as I do ♥️

  34. Trina

    I absolutely adore this mug. It’s so fabulous and holds so much. Cleans up in the dishwasher easily.

  35. Eileen Fry

    I would like to order one for my son in Alberta. 😊

  36. Tammy Kline

    My favorite mug💙. I use it every day

  37. Cindy Gaudet

    Would like 2 of these when available

  38. Patricia McKay

    I would like 4 of these when they are available.

  39. Nicole

    Would love to order 5 of these when they are back in stock

  40. Christa Crossman

    I would line one please.

  41. Matthew Boates

    I’d be interested in one when available

  42. Carla Daye

    Can I order 3 when available I already have 2 and now my friends want them too!

  43. Mary Misner

    I originally stated I wanted 3 NS mugs . Can you make that 4

  44. Margie Blundell

    Could I order 4 please? Many thanks!

  45. Mandy

    Can I preorder 2 ?

  46. Debbie Oliver

    I would like to go on the list for 1 please

  47. Nicole Pye

    Absolutely stunning. It makes me miss NS.

  48. Nancy Lapaix

    Looking forward to ordering this beautiful Nova Scotia mug when available!!

  49. Mary misner

    So pretty

  50. Mary Misner

    Would like 3 please when available

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